Our Philosophy

Values-oriented, mission-focused sustainable investing

  • What is your personal relationship to money?
  • What role does money play in supporting your vision for your and your loved one’s futures—and how you envision the world in which you want to live?
  • How can you embrace the energy and force of money to create joyful prosperity and greater value in the world?

At Arista Advisory Group, LLC, our philosophy is grounded in the concept that money is a vital energy. When empowered with consciousness, that energy can help us all live abundantly and generously. As financial planners, we apply our knowledge of finance and investing to help redirect the energy of money toward each client’s personal and communal goals, while supporting his or her philosophical and spiritual beliefs. And while our ideas and approach are by no means new, few advisors offer wealth management services with a true focus on values-oriented, mission-focused sustainable investing.

As human beings living in a modern world, our identities are heavily embedded in our financial lives. Regardless of the amount of assets we have, money is too often how we define our true worth as individuals. Our collaboration is founded on the recognition that your financial net worth is only one facet of your human worth--understanding that money is not something we are but something that we create and acquire through our human labor. Knowing that this money energy circulates through us as part of a communal energy, we can shed negative attitudes or aversions to money more readily and consciously redirect its force to help create, retain and enhance its value and impact in the world.

To apply this philosophy, we work closely with you to help understand and define your personal vision, and align your philosophical and spiritual beliefs with your approach to money. In addition to well-researched traditional investment instruments and strategies, in the forefront for many clients is the desire to align their values with carefully researched sustainable, social and environmentally responsible investments. By helping you make conscious, intentional decisions about your money, we strive to help you rediscover the purposefulness of this vital energy and redirect it in a way that creates joyful prosperity for yourself, your loved ones, and the world you want to live in. Increasing wisdom, knowledge, and generosity are integral elements of the financial journey.

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