Values-Centered Financial Planning

Our values-centered financial planning services are designed to help you achieve your life goals with greater confidence, make investing a more integral aspect of life, and enhance your personal understanding of and relationship with money—all while striving to minimize the impact of taxes on your estate. Using our personalized planning process, we build a flexible financial plan around your vision, goals, and personal values. Together, we create customized solutions to help you meet your unique financial objectives. Planning is an ongoing collaborative process. Throughout the process, we encourage you to ask questions—even those that may be difficult for us to answer. As a result, we believe we can design and recommend a strategy to support the life you want to live and the world you envision. Our financial planning services include:

  • Life Planning to help you make appropriate choices to reach your lifestyle goals now and throughout your retirement years, using our knowledge of income and expense planning, investment selection, portfolio management, asset allocation and taxation.
  • Education Funding to help you develop effective strategies for saving and paying for the education of your children and/or grandchildren. We incorporate many available techniques, taking into account your tax situation and available investment assets.
  • Retirement Plan Advice to establish personal plans (IRA and ROTH) and analyze employer plans to help you make selections that support your vision and long-term financial goals. We help support your understanding of what you are investing in—including how each option aligns with your sustainable investing goals—and the long-term benefits of your participation in each plan.
  • Estate Planning to help you design, coordinate, and implement an estate plan that is aligned with your core values, beliefs, and the legacy you want to achieve—for your loved ones, family, communities, and for the world as a whole. We augment our own team of specialists with the knowledge of trusted legal experts to assist with drafting wills, trusts, durable powers of attorney and advance health directives.
  • Charitable Gifting to help you clarify your philanthropic values and your family mission, and leverage well designed and highly effective tax-efficient components to support your family’s intent, values, and worthy causes. Our experience includes evaluating alternative philanthropic planning structures, providing multigenerational advice and education and, where beneficial, coordinating the establishment of charitable trusts, foundations, and donor-advised funds.

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